Is bigamy legal with consent?

Can Bigamy be legal, especially when it is a crime u/s 494 of the Indian Penal Code, hence, Can a man be legally married to two wives? and similarly, the aggrieved wife may ask whether Can I sue my husband for bigamy? because there is varied  opinion on legal bigamy and illgeal bigamy as per several contradictory judgments by Supreme Court of India, which may clarify, What is a bigamy law? so that, the husband or wife who wishes to go in for a second marriage without divorce with or without any agreement or contract with such new spouse or partner or mating partner or girlfriend/ boyfried, must read about the famous bigamy cases in india because only then they will get clear insights about the law relating to bigamy ipc in actual practise rather than relying only on the bare law related to section 494 as the wife or husband who is aggrieved may search whether there is any proof required to prove bigamy because it is a serious crime to do bigamy in hindu marriage act and for this one must understand the essential ingredients of section 494 ipc because unless you know these points u/s 494 of indian penal code, you cannot take action against spouse, and also the agreement for second marriage without divorce may help him/ her to live freely with the new partner and these bigamy law may not be a source of worry for such person who takes help from the experts from agreement writing service in india so that the laws w.r.t. bigamy in india are clearly known and the person doing second marriage without divorcing his wife (her husband) is protected with adultery laws and protected from livein demerits such property rights and residence rights claims by any such new poor partner be it a man or woman or transgender, gay or lesbian, hence, stop worrying about how to escape from bigamy in india and just concentrate on how to get your new partner relationship agreement written by the experts from agreement india.

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